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The health benefits of white fir bark

Published on 06/04/2022
topicality, well-being, cosmetique-a-boire, Équilibre, Nutricosmétique, Care cosmétique-à-boire
The health benefits of white fir bark
Published on 06/04/2022

At evoleum, we select the very best of nature to formulate our skincare products cosmétique-à-boire. In the bitterly cold mountains of Lithuania, only certain plants survive in these extreme conditions, such as the silver fir. This majestic tree boasts numerous health benefits that have been recognized for thousands of years. 

In the greatest respect for nature, a patented active ingredient is extracted: white fir bark (Belinal™).

The central active ingredient in the formulation of our new skincare product Équilibre, today we reveal everything you need to know about this exceptional active ingredient.

1) White fir bark, a concentrate of antioxidants, but not only...

We often hear about antioxidants, perhaps without really knowing what they are and what they do. These molecules neutralise free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative stress andpremature ageing of cells. Oxidative stress accelerates skin slackening and promotes certain diseases. Our white fir bark extract has the particularity of containing more than 36 different polyphenols. This exceptional polyphenol composition allows our patented active ingredient to naturally capture free radicals in our bloodstream.

In comparison, the antioxidant capacity of our patented active ingredient is greater than that of Resveratrol, twice that of vitamin E and almost four times that of green tea.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, silver fir bark has anti-inflammatory and protective properties, particularly with regard to essential proteins in our body such as collagen.

2) ...the source of many health benefits

Because of its exceptional composition, our fir bark has been studied for its benefits for the whole of our body, among which we can mention

- Reduction of fatigue: a clinical study, conducted on 10 volunteers, shows its effectiveness on fatigue . In only 14 days with a daily dose of 150 mg, the results are already being felt with an average reduction of 38% in fatigue.

- Muscle recovery after exercise: A clinical study of 10 athletes showed a 36% increase in endurance and a 45% improvement in recovery speed, on average, after 14 days of intake due to its anti-inflammatory and protein-protective actions in our body.

- Prevention of arterial diseases Polyphenols play a role in the protection of blood vessels and in particular of the collagen of which they are composed. Work has been carried out on the effect of white fir bark supplementation to prevent the appearance of atherosclerosisan arterial disease characterised by the deposition of a plaque composed of oxidised lipids on the wall of our arteries. This in vivo studystudy showed a strong reduction in the risk of atherosclerosis in the context of a diet that favours the development of this disease.

- Cancer prevention Finally, like all high quality antioxidant concentrates, this active ingredient has the potential to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. An in vitro study study on different types of cancer cells has shown that white fir barkslows down the proliferation of these cells. Consumption of silver fir bark extract could therefore be beneficial in the prevention of cancer.

3) A central ingredient in our skincare formulation Équilibre

Our new cosmétique-à-boire treatment, created exclusively for Cheval Blanc, improves overall skin health and stimulates our immune system. To fulfill its promise, our treatment Équilibre incorporates two ingredients antioxidantsto neutralize free radicals and stimulate the body's natural defenses.

As several studies have shown, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of our white fir bark have the potential to bring many benefits to our health, our energy and our recovery. Combined with elderberries, a natural active ingredient also rich in antioxidants but also known for its diuretic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, our body is even more protected. 

We will come back to the benefits of white fir bark on the beauty and health of our skin in a future article.

By Margaux Guder, published on 06/04/2022
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