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Exceptional ingredients for effective care and food supplements. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Wheat Ceramides, Vitamins, etc.

Expertise and Precision

Selection of ingredients

The evoleum cosmetic-drinking products are healthy and natural. Each formula is made from ingredients that are accepted by the regulations governing food supplements in France and Europe. 

These exceptional ingredients are carefully selected for their visible results on the skin. The formulas, in liquid form, provide better bioavailability of the nutrients necessary for healthy skin while maintaining the pleasure of taste. Our glass ampoules allow for the best preservation of our rare ingredients. 

Evoleum formulations are free of preservatives, dehydrating agents, colourings, artificial flavours and refined sugars. They are also respectful of people and the environment.


A sincere and benevolent commitment

Evoleum is committed to a global approach to eco-responsibility based on CSR initiatives that reflect a real commitment undertaken by its team.

" Evoleum's primary goal is to offer exceptional products. We are the first consumers of our products and probably the most demanding. The care given to the selection of ingredients, their effectiveness and the respect of nature is the reflection of the deep investment made by the evoleum teams."
Elias Lebeau, communications manager.

The raw material suppliers must respect a charter that meets quality criteria and a very precise CSR approach. Benevolence and Respect: evoleum seeks above all partners who share common values. Partners must reduce and use as much as possible the fruit of their production, be concerned about their use of water and electricity, source their raw materials locally when possible, and be socially committed to the places where they are harvested or to charitable organizations.