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Beauty of the Skin


Formulated with patented active ingredients from cosmetics, vitamins, minerals, plants and super-fruits, our four nutricosmetic cures meet a targeted need for visible results on the skin.

The liquid form of our care products combines the pleasure of taste with the assimilation of the nutrients necessary for good skin health.

For a more hydrated, plumped, protected and healthy-looking skin.
Improves skin firmness


21-day cure

Clinically proven effectiveness

To meet the needs of demanding women, we pay particular attention to scientifically demonstrating the efficacy of our Cosmétique-à-Boire skincare products.
All our formulas contain patented active ingredients clinically proven to be effective on the skin.

As part of our commitment to transparency and rigor, all our cures undergo systematic clinical studies and are developed under pharmaceutical supervision.
For example, our Longévité cure was studied for its complete formula, a first for a 3-week nutricosmetics cure.

After 21 days of treatment, the results are tangible and meet our clients' beauty expectations:
- +28% skin firmness on average.
- 19% reduction in wrinkle depth on average.

Jade Frucot
"The quest for excellence is at the heart of evoleum product formulations. Cosmétique-à-Boire is a complete, efficient range made up of 4 formulas designed as a synergy of active ingredients. as a synergy of active ingredients where each ingredient counts, complements, stimulates and supports the action of the other with the aim of improving skin parameters."
Answers to your questions


1) Can I combine two cosmétique-à-boire cures?

It is perfectly possible to extend your first treatment with a second one, without interruption. This will allow you to visibly and durably reinforce the results on your skin and to continue to nourish your cells in depth. A clinical study on our wheat ceramides contained in the 4 cures shows positive results beyond 4 weeks: 

- Two treatments with cosmétique-à-boire Oxygénation deeply reinforce your skin's hydrolipidic barrier. In 30 days, insensible water loss is reduced by 24%.
- Two treatments with cosmétique-à-boire Radiance deeply moisturize the skin. In 30 days, skin hydration is improved by 28% and skin softness by 26%.
- Two treatments with cosmétique-à-boire Longévité reinforce skin firmness. In 30 days, skin roughness is reduced by 56%.
- Two treatments with cosmétique-à-boire Équilibre visibly regenerate the skin. In 30 days, skin elasticity is increased by 22%. 

There are no contraindications to taking several cosmétique-à-boire Longévité , Radiance and Équilibre cures in succession. Unlike the other three cures, the Oxygénation cure may be repeated a maximum of 2 times in a row, as it is composed of young juniper shoots, an ingredient with a powerful draining effect.

2) How many times a year should I take the evoleum cures?

It's perfectly possible to take cosmétique-à-boire cures several times a year, whatever the type of cure, they are all specially indicated to strengthen our skin cells. 

The evoleum experts recommend taking one or two cosmétique-à-boire skincare treatments when your skin feels the need during seasonal changes. 

The skin needs to be accompanied and reboosted during these periods of adaptation, changes in temperature and environment which can tire the body and which can manifest themselves in acne, redness, dryness or a dull complexion. 

Unlike the other three cures, the Oxygénation cure must be repeated a maximum of 2 times in a row, as it is composed of young juniper shoots, an ingredient with a powerful draining effect.

3) Can I take several cures at the same time?

cosmétique-à-boire evoleum skincare treatments are concentrates of active ingredients that provide 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. 

The evoleum experts therefore do not recommend combining several cures at the same time but rather taking them in succession according to your skin's needs. 

A Oxygénation treatment, followed by a Radiance treatment and then a Longévité treatment is the optimum 3-step combination for enhancing your beauty from the inside out, with in-depth, long-lasting action. 

Likewise, these cures have been designed and formulated to work in synergy with our Essentiel-de-Féminité treatments. For example, Radiance can be used in conjunction with Cycle N°02.

4) Is it compatible with a vegetarian or vegan diet?

Our cosmétique-à-boire skincare products are compatible with vegetarian diets, but are not suitable for vegan diets as our formulations contain honey. 

On the other hand, our Essentiel-de-Féminité range is formulated without ingredients of animal origin and guaranteed vegan.

5) At what time of day should the ampoules be taken?

To optimize the effects of our cosmétique-à-boire skincare products, evoleum's experts have used their precise knowledge of skin chronobiology to determine the ideal times to take our ampoules. 

Our Oxygénation and Équilibre ampoules are recommended in the morning before breakfast to provide the elements needed to protect the skin from the start of the day. 

Our Radiance ampoules are recommended before lunch to stimulate skin microcirculation, which is weaker in the afternoon. 

Our Longévité ampoules are recommended in the evening before dinner, as skin regeneration takes place at night.

6) Are there any contraindications to taking the cures?

Our cosmétique-à-boire skincare products are 98% natural ingredients, with no added additives or preservatives. 

Rigorously controlled by a pharmaceutical company, our three treatments are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

cosmétique-à-boire Radiance is not recommended for children due to the presence of scented verbena essential oil. 

cosmétique-à-boire Oxygénation is not recommended for people allergic to salicylates, as the formula contains fresh birch sap. 

It is also not recommended for people suffering from kidney failure as it contains young juniper shoots, an ingredient with a powerful draining effect.


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