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topicality, Essentiel-de-Féminité, Interview

Interview with Kareen de Beaurepaire, co-founder of evoleum

Published on 17/06/2022
topicality, Essentiel-de-Féminité, Interview
Interview with Kareen de Beaurepaire, co-founder of evoleum
Published on 17/06/2022

" I wanted to meet all these expectations by creating a range of products to live by, targeting women's tonus when they need it most. "

To mark the launch of our new Essentiel-de-Féminité range, entirely dedicated to feminine well-being andéquilibre , evoleum co-founder Kareen de Beaurepaire talks exclusively to the evoleum community.


1) Why did you create Essentiel-de-Féminité and for whom is this new range intended?

As a woman, as a friend, as the mother of a daughter, I see that we women are hungry for simplicity and natural beauty. But today, we are especially looking to give meaning to our femininity with the desire to fully assume it. I wanted to respond to this search by creating a range of life care products that target the tonus and well-being of women at the times when they need it most: menstruation, sexuality and the menopause. The aim of Essentiel-de-Féminité is to help women remain
beautiful, flourish and affirm their feminine potential. The aim is to get to the root cause of their lack of energy, their imbalances at the time of menstruation and peri-menopause, their anxiety and difficulties during sexual intercourse, and to treat all this in its entirety. And the results are there! 


2) What makes this new range unique?

Evoleum created Essentiel-de-Féminité with the holistic approach that constitutes its DNA: with our food supplements, it is a question of providing a global response to women. I summarise it in 4 actions.

- Action 1: to meet the needs of all women, from adolescence to the menopause. This is why we have created 3 different food supplements.

- Action 2: provide comprehensive physical and emotional support for women, as everything is linked. And on this point, Essentiel-de-Féminité guarantees an inner équilibre that reduces physical problems. We have tested and proven this effectiveness with our 3 products.

- Action 3: create a synergy between nature, science and nutrition for a response of the highest nutritional quality. This is what our patented saffron provides in the 3 cures, with an action boosted by other active ingredients that are 98% natural, certified and tested.

- Finally, action 4: to offer a multi-sensorial wellness routine; as with our other ranges, we have taken care of the packaging so that it looks good, worked on the contents so that they are clear and transparent, and selected the taste so that it is really good.

This is what makes Essentiel-de-Féminité unique. It is an exceptional holistic range, effective, natural, beautiful and good! 


3) Why did you choose saffron to formulate the 3 Essentiel-de-Féminité cures?

After 2 years of meticulous research, evoleum Research has confirmed that saffron remains the world's most powerful active plant foréquilibre and women's well-being. Studies show that this pistil has always been recognized by traditional medicine for its aphrodisiac, analgesic and soothing properties. We had our miracle ingredient, but we had to find the purest, as this highly coveted, gifted spice is often adulterated!

We have selected the patented Safr'Inside™ active ingredient, made from 100% pure saffron (Crocus sativus L.). It is harvested under the strictest conditions of nature preservation in the Khorasan region of northern Iran. This patented safranal is ten times more concentrated than the average. It acts on bothéquilibre emotional andéquilibre hormonal levels with tremendous power, which we increase tenfold by combining it with other natural active ingredients, depending on the objective of our 3 dietary supplements. Our cures soothe between 15% and 50% of the psychological imbalances linked to premenstrual syndrome and menopause, and provide women of all ages with almost all their daily mineral and vitamin requirements. At evoleum, we're crazy about women!

Discover this new range in preview on our website: https: //

By Margaux Guder, published on 17/06/2022
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