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Immunity. This limited edition is as delicious as it is beneficial, an irresistible chewy chocolate with wild blueberry, hazelnut chips and vitamin C. Produced exclusively by Carrés Sauvages for evoleum, it is made entirely by hand in France, from exceptional unroasted beans to preserve their original taste and nutritional benefits.

Immunité is a soothing, comforting treat for body and mind, to be enjoyed all year round.

At a rate of 2 squares a day (providing 100% of RDI in Vitamin C), this recipe enriched with top-quality Vitamin C and antioxidants, and naturally containing iron, zinc and magnesium, will help to :


- Boosting the immune system

- Fading fatigue

- Stimulating a good mood 


Flavor: the presence of sea buckthorn - a traditional Scandinavian berry - acerola and wild blueberries from the Dinaric Alps give this unctuous 70% pure chocolate a sweet, slightly tangy flavor. All of which is enhanced by the crunchy burst of French hazelnuts.


Ingredients : raw Peruvian Chanchamayo cocoa beans, Java coconut blossom sugar, acerola source native vitamin C, sea buckthorn, cocoa butter, wild blueberries, hazelnut slivers.

Organic and fair-trade ingredients. Chocolate made with low-glycemic whole sugars (For this recipe: Java coconut blossom whole sugar).



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Immunity Tablet
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A treasure trove of benefits

This chocolate is "raw":

Beans from the Chanchamayo plantation in Peru are not roasted, but processed at low temperatures (below 42°C) to preserve all their nutritional power and original taste.  

Raw cocoa is packed with antioxidants and stimulates good mood by boosting serotonin secretion, which also helps regulate stress and emotionaléquilibre . 

Its magnesium, iron and zinc content also make it a precious ally for radiant skin and hair.

This chocolate is enriched with natural Vitamin C:

Our recipe is complemented by a number of natural ingredients highly concentrated in vitamin C and antioxidants, such as sea buckthorn, a traditional Scandinavian berry, acerola and wild blueberry from the Dinaric Alps.

This cocktail of vitamin C and antioxidants adds a slightly tangy flavor to this creamy 70% pure chocolate, enhanced by the crunchy burst of French hazelnuts.


This chocolate is made in a workshop that uses nuts.

Free delivery anywhere in France.

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